The Wiluna West Gold Project refers to the gold located on GWR’s Wiluna West tenements.

The Wiluna West Gold Project is located approximately 40 km southwest of the Wiluna Mining (formerly named Blackham) Matilda / Wiluna Gold Operation which includes a gold processing and treatment plant .

With many localised gold deposits and exploration upside, the Company is pursuing a low Capex mining strategy whereby ore is processed and mined by third parties.

The successful implementation of a similar model with GWR’s iron ore assets at Wiluna West has whetted the Company’s appetite for development of the Company’s significant gold assets.

Mineral Resource updates are currently being undertaken.


Aboriginal Heritage surveys have recently been completed to facilitate development of Golden Monarch at Eagle and Emu.

Clearing Permits to allow mining operations have previously been granted and are still current for the adjacent JWD iron deposit. An amended Clearing Permit has been submitted to incorporate the Golden Monarch gold deposit.

For more information, see latest Quarterly Report